2018 soloFASTNET

Event Date: 02 Jun 2018 - 5 days
Venue: Cowes to Plymouth via the Fastnet Rock Ireland

The soloFASTNET is back by popular demand....a real solo challenge and endurance test with a limited entry.

The 2016 SORC Round the Rock Race, referred to as the soloFASTNET, is returning in 2018. It will start of Cowes on Saturday 2nd June 2018 and will finish in Plymouth.

Entries for the soloFASTNET will be limited due to logistical constraints and will be considered on a "first come first served" basis. So pay your £100 deposit NOW. (For those who have previously paid the £10 Registration Fee, this will be refunded once full race payment has been made).

The £375 Race Entry Fee includes:

  • 1 nights mooring in Cowes Yacht Haven on Friday 1st June
  • Pre-race buffet
  • Pre-race weather briefing
  • Yellowbrick race tracker
  • Race memento & shirt
  • Upto 3 nights mooring in Plymouth
  • Prize giving dinner
  • Prizes

Payment Schedule (Select on Drop Down box on right hand side of this screen):

  1. £100 deposit by 31st March 2018
  2. £275 balance by 4th May 2018
  3. Late entries will be accepted for an additional £100 fee
  4. Skippers who paid the initial £10 Registration Fee will have this refunded once full fees are paid

Entry Requirements:

Payment of the above fees is only part of it. There are additional entry requirements which must be completed before your entry can be accepted. The Race Committee reserve the right not to accept, or to reject, your entry. Reasons will be given and a refund of any monies paid will be made if it is solely a Committee decision.

Entry Requirements


2018 soloFASTNET Notice of Race  (amended 2nd March 2018)

2018 Sailing Instructions (issued 23rd March 2018)

2016 Race Video

soloFASTNET website

Current Entries

The follow people have entered this race to date.

Entrant Boat IRC
Ari Känsäkoski Fuji 1.206
Rob Craigie Bellino 1.042
Ian Hoddle GameOn 1.039
Louis-Marie DUSSERE Raging Bee 2 1.033
Mederic Thiout Midnight Summer Dream 1.011
Rupert Holmes Jangada 1.008
Jeremy Moore RedEye 1.008
Matt Smith Full Circle 1.008
Nikki Curwen Voador 1.006
Nigel Colley Fastrak XI 1.005
Richard Breese Tweak 1.004
James Hardiman Fluke 1.002
Stephane Bodin Wasabi 1.000
Bernie Bingham Psipsina 0.998
Richard Clark Fury 0.997
Kass Schmitt Zest 0.996
Keith THOMPSON Nirvana 0.995
Alain Ferec Barcavela 0.995
Simon Mitchell Roxanne 0.995
Pierrick Penven Zephyrin 0.994
Sam White Mzungu 0.990
Donald Macdonald Rainmaker 0.988
Julien Lebas Gaya 0.987
John Bidwell Jachoby 0.942
Tim Vaughan Samaritan 0.940
Charles Emmett British Beagle 0.937
Conrad Manning Pocket Battleship 0.915
Frederic WANIART MAEVA 0.892
Mark Thompson SYZYGY 0.876
Jörg Vonderheiden Funship 0
Hugo Karlsson-Smythe Trilogic 0
2018 soloFASTNET
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