Poole and Back

Event Date: 30 Apr 2018 - 2 days
Venue: Central Solent to Poole Harbour & Back United Kingdom

Inshore Series Races 3 & 4 to Poole & back

Poole and Back - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April

Where: Saturday's race will start off Cowes and will finish near the entrance to Poole Harbour. The race will be designed to be between 4 and 6 hours long. Start time 10:00. Sunday's race will start in Poole Bay and finish in the Solent. Expected start time 12:00. It is possible that Sundays race will use our CSB procedure, so read up in the NOR & SI’s. Ask on Saturday evening if you are unsure.

Friday night berthing & social:  For those arriving in Cowes on the Friday, berthing has been booked at Shepherds Wharf Marina. Don’t forget to ask for your SORC discount when paying. A casual social will be arranged from the pontoons, so make yourself known to Simon Mitchell on “Roxanne”.

Saturday night berthing & socials: Berthing is booked at Poole Quay Boat Haven. DInner has been arranged for 7pm at La Lupa Italian restaurant, on the Town Quay, where the menu is reasonably priced and caters for all tastes. Before that there will be a bottle prize giving on the pontoons at 6pm alongside “Fastrak XI”.

SORC Backstay Pennants - Don’t stress if you have not got one. A new batch is in production. You will not be penalised for not flying one.


Sailing Instructions (Please read in conjunction with the Notice of Race)


Current Entries

The follow people have entered this race to date.

Entrant Boat IRC
Stephen Scholefield Mustigo II 1.098
Rob Craigie Bellino 1.042
Ian Hoddle GameOn 1.039
Stephen Thomas Azora 1.033
Noel Cockle Monocle 1.006
Nigel Colley Fastrak XI 1.005
David Cowell Jester 1.002
Jeremy Freeman Juliette 1.001
Richard Clark Fury 0.997
Keith THOMPSON Nirvana 0.997
Simon Mitchell Roxanne 0.995
Tony White Mzungu 0.990
Norman Armstrong Matakana Blue 0.976
Gary Heward Amylou 0.975
Christoph Friedrich Felix 0.971
James Porter Moonshadow 0.960
Neal Martin Gentle Zephyr 0.956
Kirsteen Donaldson Pyxis 0.956
Chris Morton L’Adventure 0.943
Christopher Ling Pocket Battleship 0.91
Frederic WANIART MAEVA 0.892
George Isted Concerto 0.86
Paul Reymond Oi oi 0.859
Alice Butcher Panache 0.859
Chris Charlesworth MEOW 0.775
Rod Harris Shed of Arjuna 0.000
Poole and Back
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