Solent Racing Marks 2017
SCRA (Solent Racing & Cruising Association) racing marks for 2017

These racing marks are commonly referred to in SORC Sailing Instructions and used in course setting. The names also change from year to year, so use your previous mark lists with caution!

Peter Bateson from the SCRA writes...

Here is the annual update of the Solent Marks Lists.  The attachments are: 

The 2017 list of changes from 2016 as a pdf.  On the second page are the usual notes explaining how the code system works.

List of Changes

The 2017 list in Zones, in pdf and Excel files.  The pdf can be used as it stands, and this format makes it relatively hard for anyone to alter the contents inadvertently.  The Excel version is provided so that you can add your own local marks in Zones 8 and 9 if you wish.

PDF List in Zones      Excel List in Zones

If you become aware of any changes to marks during the year, do please let me know.  Usually we will store the information ready for next time, unless it is vital for immediate promulgation. 

With best wishes for good sailing and good racing in 2017.

Peter Bateson
Hon Secretary SCRA
Solent Cruising & Racing Association
Regatta House
18 Bath Road

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